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We often receive questions from customers regarding our sweet cassava supplements. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive.

How do sweet cassava supplements help increase the chances of twins?

Sweet cassava is a wild African yam that is high in plant estrogens. The estrogenic properties of this yam can increase the likelihood of hyperovulation, or releasing more than one egg at the time of ovulation, thus increasing the chances of conceiving twins.

Do sweet cassava supplements need to be taken at a certain time of a woman's cycle?

Sweet cassava supplements do not need to be taken at any specific time of a woman's cycle. For maximum benefit, sweet cassava supplements should be every day, as far in advance as possible.

Will I get pregnant if I take sweet cassava supplements?
No dietary supplement or medication can guarantee that you will become pregnant. There are many reproductive issues that are unable to be treated using dietary supplements or even prescription medications. We believe that taking sweet cassava supplements will help improve the chances of conceiving naturally.

Can sweet cassava supplements be taken with other supplements or medications?

Sweet cassava supplements have had no known interactions with other supplements, vitamins or medications. If you are concerned about interactions with other supplements or medications, we urge you to speak to your physician about these concerns.

How long should sweet cassava supplements be taken for maximum benefit?

The benefits of sweet cassava supplements are obtained as soon as the supplements are started, however, they reach their peak benefit after six months of use. The longer you take sweet cassava supplements prior to conceiving, the more beneficial the supplement may be.

How many sweet cassava capsules should I take per day?

To improve overall fertility and increase the chance of twins, we suggest taking three to six capsules per day. Some women choose to take less, while others choose to take more. Each woman's individual dosage is based on her own preference. If you are unsure how much you should take, we recommend speaking to a medical professional prior to beginning cassava supplementation.

Will I have twins if I take sweet cassava supplements?

Although we cannot guarantee that you will conceive twins while taking sweet cassava supplements, your chances of conceiving twins are higher after cassava supplementation. Your exact chances of twins will depend greatly on your family history, lifestyle and any other medications that you may be taking that could impact fertility.

How are sweet cassava supplements prepared?

Using only the freshest cassava available, the cassava used in our supplements is prepared in a special way, prior to being dehydrated, ground and encapsulated. We take pride in our work and make sure that each bottle is nothing less than exceptional.

How are sweet cassava supplements packaged?

All sweet cassava supplements are packaged in an amber-colored plastic bottle to protect from sunlight. All bottles of sweet cassava have a safety seal beneath the lid, as well as a perforated safety band around the neck of the bottle. Each bottle also contains a desiccant packet to protect the capsules from moisture.

How long does it take to receive sweet cassava supplements after ordering?

Shipping times will depend on your location, however, we strive to have orders in the mail within two business days of the order being placed.

Are sweet cassava supplements available internationally?

We ship sweet cassava supplements internationally on a regular basis, however, international shipping is at the expense of the customer. If you are attempting to place an international order but are having difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. International orders must pass through the destination country's customs and may be opened by customs officials. This is out of our control, and we cannot be held responsible for any actions customs may take. Additionally, international orders may take longer to arrive than domestic orders and we ask that customers please be patient, or contact us about purchasing expedited shipping.

Can I return my sweet cassava supplements if I decide I don't want them?

We will accept returns of unopened sweet cassava supplements within 30 days of the parcel's tracking number listing it as "delivered" and will refund your purchase price, less the cost to ship it to you. In order to receive a refund, both safety seals must be in tact and the container must be in the same condition as when it was sent to you. The shipping cost associated with returns is the customer's responsibility.

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